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St. Willebrord Parish

We were founded in 1864. So this year, we are celebrating our 150th Jubilee Year!
Our theme is:
Celebrating  Open Doors, Open Hearts - 1864-2014


Nuestra parroquia fue fundada en 1864, y este año estamos celebrando nuestro 150 Aniversario!
Celebrando a Puertas Abiertas y Corazones Abiertos - 1864-2014


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Advent Concert & Reflection!!!

Paul Koleske

Paul Koleske

Sunday, Nov. 30th 1:00pm

St. Willebrord Parish, 209 S. Adams

National Catholic recording artist Paul Koleske will present a concert comprised of his contemporary Christian music. See more at:

His Catholic Music & Speaking Ministry began after a miraculous experience on December 12, 1993 (which he will share in his presentation).

This is one event you won’t want to miss!!!



St. Willebrord

St Willibrord was born in Northumbria in 658.  Willibrord grew up under the influence of St Wilfrid, bishop of York, who preferred the Roman practice to Celtic church characteristics. At age twenty, Willibrord was irresistibly drawn toward Ireland, where he was ordained priest.  Willibrord was filled with the spirit of "peregrinatio," the mystic desire of renouncing an earthly home in order to preach the gospel to heathen peoples. In 690, he went to the European mainland with 11 companions to bring the Christian faith to the people of Frisians who had so far resisted evangelization.

Willibrord was lavishly endowed with estates by the Frankish nobility so that he could build many churches and monasteries. Thus Willibrord was able to found a monastery in Echternach—where he liked to retire to prepare his missionary expeditions to restless Frisia and as far as Denmark and Thuringia. 

Before he died at 81, he had organized his succession and allotted his rich possessions. On his 70th birthday, he made a note in the margin of his calendar about the most important dates of his missionary activity and concluded with the dictum, "in Dei nomine feliciter," which expresses his unflinching faith in God. He died November 7, 739 and, according to his wish, he was buried in Echternach.

The renown and veneration of the saint grew considerably in European monasteries and churches on this side of the Alps. Willibrord wells and springs, which skirted his missionary routes and proved great baptizing locations, were visited by the people to solicit the healing of various nervous diseases—especially of children. A great number of parish churches in Belgium, the Netherlands, and along the Lower Rhine have been dedicated to St Willibrord to this day. Faithfulness to their patron saint is proved by pilgrimages to Echternach and participation in the Dancing Procession. This religious event survives to this day thanks to its uniqueness. It takes place every year on Whit Tuesday and attracts thousands of participants and spectators who honor the memory of a saint of really European dimension who is often called the apostle of the BENELUX countries.


Patronal Feast

Before continuing the account of my life as a Norbertine, I want to say something about our Patronal Feast. November 7th is the Feast of St. Willebrord. Willebrord was an evangelizer. He brought the Good News of Jesus Christ to others who had not heard God’s Word. Today, I pray that we can follow his example and the example of the apostles, and even St. Norbert, and share the Good News of salvation.

There are many who need to hear and know of the life of Christ, a holy man who was powerful in word and deed. He confronted the injustices of his day, healed and forgave many who were hurting, and he preached the Good News to the poor. In Jesus’ time, Willebrord’s time, and our current time there are many who need others to bring them a message of hope and opportunity. To hear and believe the story of Jesus’ life, of the salvation and forgiveness which he offered, and about the eternal life which he promised is what our world and local community need.

St. Willebrord, pray for us!

On Friday the 7th we had a nice dinner and dance at the Riverside Ballroom for the feast and to begin to close our 150th Anniversary. We will close the Jubilee Year at the 9:00 Mass on Thanksgiving Day.

I will say more at another time, however, I am truly grateful for the prayers, celebrations, Masses, pilgrimages, trips, sports events, Bingo, hymn composition, and fun events throughout the year. Thank you to the attendees and to the organizers. I am also grateful to those who donated money and materials so that others could attend events and trips free or at a reduced cost.

The Jubilee Core Committee is to be given special recognition and thanks. They have met more than once per month for over a year to plan and evaluate events. Co-Chairs Judy Maricque and Cruz Delia Hernandez are to be commended for their leadership. No one in the parish will fully understand all of the thought and effort that went into the planning and execution of so many successful events. THANK YOU!!



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Weekend Masses:
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10:45am (bilingual Mass)
12:30pm and 6:30pm (Spanish)

Monday-Friday: 7:15am, 12:05pm (English)
Thursday: 7:00pm (Spanish)
Saturday: 7:15am (English)

Monday-Friday, 7:00-7:15am, 11:30-11:55am
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